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16 gauge - 2 3/4" Monolit 25

Part Number 8400-9
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16 gauge - 2 3/4" Monolit 25
Monolit 25
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16 gauge - 2 3/4" Monolit 25
High precision, Reduced ricochet possibility, Deep penetration


• Technical data:

• For overgrown hunting areas reduced ricochet possibility deep penetration. Technical data:

• Slug weight: 25.0 g / 385 gr

•Muzzle velocity: 425 m/s / 1400 fps

•Muzzle energy: 2260 J / 1660fp



Fast and accurate slug for long distance shooting. The slug body is made of steel and has a galvanized coating against corrosion. The recoil is short and soft, allowing fast aiming for the next accurate shot. The slug is highly resistant against ricocheting and has an excellent capability to cut through various obstacles such as tree branches, bushes and dense grass. When shooting through obstacles - the slug retains initial trajectory well.

-The main advantages:


-High accuracy in long distances

-Minimal friction in the barrel

-Can be used in all chokes

-Retains its trajectory when hitting obstacles

-Soft recoil

-Reduced possibility of ricocheting

-Powerful impact and stopping effect

-Highest accuracy with a full choke

The Monolit 25 slug ammunition is effectively used in big game hunting. Due to soft recoil, it is favored both in driven hunting and individual hunting where its high accuracy allows successful shooting at longer distances. Contrary to rifle bullets or shotgun lead slugs, it is the high resistance against ricocheting in grass and bushes which makes the choice in favor of the Monolit 25 slug over other 16 gauge slugs when hunting in heavily overgrown areas..


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